Iowa Jerseys Among Nation’s Top Producers for 2019

Four cows in the Cinnamon Ridge Jerseys herd in Donahue, Iowa, produced records that rank among the nation’s top 10 milk, fat, protein and cheese yield records produced by Registered Jerseys in 2019.

Cinnamon Ridge Nitro Noble-ET (above), Very Good-87%, produced 34,600 lbs. milk, 1,360 lbs. fat and 1,232 lbs. protein as a junior four-year-old. The record ranks fourth for milk and protein.

A paternal sister, Cinnamon Ridge Nitro Peppermint-ET (above), Very Good-87%, made 33,800 lbs. milk, 1,529 lbs. fat and 1,210 lbs. protein at 4-3. On a cheese yield basis, production is 4,123 lbs. This record ranks fifth for milk and seventh for protein and cheese yield.

The milk record of 33,400 lbs. produced by JX Cinnamon Ridge Charlmagn Shirley {4}, Very Good-85%, as a senior two-year-old ranks sixth in the nation for 2019. The protein record of 1,223 lbs. made by Cinnamon Ridge Thor Macaroon, Very Good-86%, at 4-3 ranks fifth.

Also of note, four cows bred by Iowa Jersey breeder Lyon Jerseys of Toledo and now owned by Logan and Autumn Courtney, Chouteau, OK, rank among the top 10 as well.

Lyon Renegade Barb, Excellent-90%, made 30,748 lbs. milk, 2,587 lbs. fat and 1,199 lbs. protein, with 4,151 lbs. cheese yield (1st fat, 6th cheese yield, 9th fat). Lyon Legal Lacosta, Excellent-91%, made the 4th high milk record of 30,650 lbs. and Lyon Nevada Arlene, Very Good-87%, made the 10th high cheese yield record of 4,043 lbs.

Bachelor Lyon Lennox Eola-ET (above), Excellent-93%, made a 5-5 record of 35,060 lbs. milk, 2,311 lbs. fat, 1,296 lbs. protein and 4,483 lbs. cheese yield, which ranks second for milk, protein and cheese yield and third for fat.