The Jersey is the most efficient of the dairy breeds that produce milk in this country. The small brown cow, she has roots to the Island of Jersey.

Iowa is home to some of the country's leading Registered Jersey herds, including the state's leading herd for Jersey Performance Index (JPI), the 18-cow herd owned by Nathan Franck of Newhall. The herd ranks #3 in the nation as well with an average JPI of +86 after the April 2018 genetic evaluations. Hickory Hills of Hospers ranks #20 with a herd average JPI of +72 on 22 cows.

Four Iowa Jersey herds rank nationally for production averages. The Maxwell herd of Donahue leads the nation for protein production with a 2017 lactation average of 25,701M, 1,220F and 985P on 191 cows. The dairy also ranks second for milk and seventh for fat.

David and Donna Kunde of Manchester rank ninth for milk and 10th for fat among herds with 150-299 cows with 21,412M, 1,062F and 759P on 177 cows. In the same category, Lyon Jerseys of Toledo ranks fourth for fat with 19,878M, 1,148F and 728P on 286 cows. Doug Fairbanks, Anamosa, ranks fourth for fat, fifth for protein and 10th for milk (herds with 40-79 cows) with 22,348M, 1,201F and 847P on 50 cows.

A pair of Iowa cows earned laurels in the 2017 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Summetz Stephen Fence Fanny, Excellent-94%, owned by Summit Farm Inc., Lester, placed ninth for milk with 247,680M, 10,920F and 8,832P in 4,246 days. Lyon Paramount Maury {5}, Excellent-90%, owned by Lyon Jerseys, placed ninth for fat with 215,217M, 11,097F and 8,092P in 3,761 days.

Several other Jersey cows have placed well in show rings across the country. A few of the standouts are shown below.


Lyon Ajack Bay
2018 All American Premier Performance Cow
2018 Reserve All American Senior Three-Year-Old
2017 Reserve All American Senior Two-Year-Old
Owned by Glamourview-Iager and Walton, Walkersville, MD
Bred by Lyon Jerseys, Toledo, IA


Schulte Bros Tequila Shot
Grand Champion, New York Spring Carousel, 2018
All-Canadian Senior Three-Year-Old, 2016
All-Canadian Four-Year-Old, 2017
Owned by Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and David Jordan, Lomira, WI
Bred by Schulte Brothers, Blairstown, IA


Schulte Bros Teq Euphoria-ET
2016 Reserve All American Junior Calf
Owned by Schulte Brothers, Blairstown, IA


Lyon Duke Dutchy
2013 Junior All American Aged Cow
Owned by Ben Sauder, Tremont, IL
Bred by Lyon Jerseys, Toledo, IA


Gadget Jade of Edgebrook
Overall Premier Performance Cow, All American Jersey Show and All American Junior Jersey Show, 2010
Owned by Tera Koebel, Three Oaks, MI
Bred by Patty Dilly, Montour, IA


Fredestel Laser P Nelly Bly
2010 Reserve Junior All American Aged Cow
Owned by Andy Sauder, Tremont, IL
Bred by Mark Metzger, Larchwood, IA